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English bulldog chewing up a tennis ball outside in the grass

If your dog chews up a tennis ball, it is important to take action to ensure your pet’s health and safety. While tennis balls are commonly used as toys for dogs, they can pose a risk if ingested and/or if small pieces are swallowed.

Firstly, it is advisable to contact your veterinarian for guidance. They will be able to assess the situation and provide specific advice based on your dog’s breed, size, and overall health. They may ask you questions about the size of the ball, how much was chewed up, and any visible signs of distress or discomfort in your dog.

In some cases, if only a small portion of the tennis ball has been chewed up and there are no immediate signs of distress, your veterinarian may recommend monitoring your dog closely for any changes in behavior or symptoms such as vomiting or difficulty passing stool.

However, if a significant portion of the tennis ball has been ingested or if you notice any signs of distress in your dog such as choking, gagging, abdominal pain, or difficulty breathing, it is crucial to seek immediate veterinary attention. Ingesting foreign objects like tennis ball pieces can lead to blockages in the digestive system which can be life-threatening if not addressed promptly.

Remember that prevention is key when it comes to pet health. It is important to supervise your dog during playtime with toys like tennis balls and regularly inspect them for any signs of wear and tear. If you notice that a toy is becoming damaged or easily destructible by your dog’s chewing habits, it may be best to replace it with a more durable alternative specifically designed for dogs.

AKC professionals wrote a unreal article about this very topic last year.

Always consult with a veterinarian regarding any concerns about your pet’s health or potential ingestion of foreign objects like chewed-up tennis balls. They are best equipped to provide professional advice tailored to your specific situation.

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